Product Highlight: Bird Control Products

Bird-Flite Bird Spikes

Where to use Bird-Flite Bird Spikes: Ledges, parapets, signs, beams, pipes, chimneys, cutouts, security cameras, lights, etc.

Target Bird: Pigeon or larger

Bird Pressure: Medium – Heavy

Material: Stainless steel and polycarbonate

Installation of Bird-Flite Bird Spikes: Base is glued or screwed to any surface

Ease of Installation: Easy

Bird-Flite Bird Spikes are installed on thousands of U.S. buildings with an incredible success rate, even under heavy bird pressure. Its thin, stainless steel rods and U.V.-resistant polycarbonate base are extremely durable and it is also the least conspicuous spike product on the market.

Bird-Shock Flex-Track

Where to use: Ledges, beams, signs, roofs, parapets, etc.

Target Bird: All species

Bird Pressure: All levels

Material: U.V.-stabilized flexible PVC with Stainless Steel braided mesh

Installation: Glue to the surface, connect to the charger unit with lead-out wire.

Ease of Installation: Intermediate

Bird-Shock Flex-Track is a low-profile ledge deterrent system that is effective against all species of pest birds utilizing the principle of fear and flight, conditioning birds to stay away.

Flexible and Adaptable; a low-profile electrified track that conforms to any architectural configuration. Flex-Track curves up and down, and side to side; and the stainless steel strapping gladly follows the PVC base without wrinkling.


Where to use StealthNet Bird Netting: Any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, opening or building configuration where pest birds are to be excluded.

Target Bird: All species

Bird Pressure: Heavy

Material: Polyethylene twine and steel installation hardware

Installation of StealthNet: Netting attached to pre-installed cable system

Ease of Installation: Involved

Bird Barrier’s StealthNet Bird Netting is the strongest and most versatile bird exclusion system in the world. StealthNet denies pest birds access to literally any architectural configuration, including courtyards, roof tops, overhangs, parking garages, etc.

StealthNet Bird Netting is Almost Invisible: StealthNet is available in stock colors of black, stone (beige) and white. The netting is composed of very thin, ultra-strong strands of polyethylene twine.

Daddi Long Legs

Where to use Daddi Long Legs: Rooftops, boat canopies, decks, booms and other open areas, A.C. units, streetlights

Target Bird: Pigeon and larger

Bird Pressure: Light – Medium

Material: Stainless steel and Delrin Plastic

Installation of Daddi Long Legs: Delrin base is screwed to surface, glue-on bases available.

Ease of Installation: Easy

Daddi Long Legs Bird Control is in a class by itself. It’s unique design deters gulls, pigeons, and other large birds, from landing in open spaces such as flat roofs or air conditioning units, as well as on street lights and other hard-to-protect areas.

How Daddi Long Legs Works: Thin, stainless steel rods rotate in the breeze and wave menacingly, interfering with birds as they attempt to land.


Where to use Bird Coil: Long, exposed ledges, parapets, signs, beams, pipes, etc.

Target Bird: Pigeon or larger

Bird Pressure: Light-Medium

Material: Stainless steel

Installation of Bird Coil: Clips can be glued or screwed to mounting surface. Bird-Coil can be stapled to wood.

Installation: Easy

Bird Barrier’s Bird Coil is America’s most innovative, versatile, easy-to-use anti-perching system. Made of high-grade stainless steel, Bird Coil is perfect for long, narrow, exposed ledges. It is also adaptable to most architectural details.

Bird Coil is Almost Invisible: When seen from a distance of twenty feet or more Bird Coil virtually disappears, and from fifty feet it’s invisible.


Where to use BirdSlide: Ledges, eaves, angle irons, I-Beams and most “L” shaped ledges where total exclusion is the goal.

Target Bird: All species including Swallows

Bird Pressure: All pressure levels

Material: Ultraviolet-stabilized polycarbonate

Installation of BirdSlide: Base is glued or screwed to any surface

Ease of Installation: Easy

BirdSlide for When Total Exclusion is a Must

As most bird control experts know, there are ledges where heavy pressure (nesting birds) demands an exclusion system, and netting may be visually unacceptable. BirdSlide completely protects the ledge against all bird species; they simply can’t get a grip and slide right off the ledge.

BirdSlide is Designed to Disappear: When color matched to the structure, BirdSlide usually looks like it’s a part of the building. It comes in gray or beige, but can be painted to match any color.


Where to use Birdwire: Long, exposed ledges, parapets, signs, beams, pipes etc.

Target Bird: Pigeon and larger

Bird Pressure: Light – Medium

Material: Stainless steel, nylon coated wire is attached to stainless steel posts and tensioned using springs

Ease of Installation: Involved

Birdwire is a spring-tensioned wire system designed to create an unstable landing area that is widely used throughout the US because it is very low-profile. It carries GSA approval for historic buildings.

Birdwire is Very Discreet: The Birdwire system is one of the least visible of all ledge products, and is frequently used on high-visibility ledges where aesthetics are important.

Eagle Eye

Where to use Eagle Eye: Open, exposed areas where bid populations cannot be controlled with mechanical means; parking lots, roof-tops, warehouse doors, building facades, agricultural settings.

Target Bird: All species.

Bird Pressure: Light – Medium

Material: Durable ABS Plastic, aluminum and galvanized steel.

Installation of Eagle Eye: Installation is simple, the important steps is determining the best placement for the device.

How Eagle Eye Works The Eagle Eye is an optical bird scarer that harmlessly deters birds from unwanted areas by making use of light beams reflected from direct sunlight or artificial light. The reflective pyramid rotates via an electric motor, sending the beams around in a menacing pattern. The light spectrum reflected back by the Eagle Eye disorients birds in flight by limiting their vision significantly. This causes the bird to deviate in flight and fly to another destination.


The first of its kind, OvoControl effectively controls the reproduction of treated birds. Communities and businesses around the United States are adopting this safe, effective and humane technology to manage pigeons in larger areas without having to resort to avian toxicants and their associated risks.

Registered by EPA and approved by all 50 states, the new tool is ideal for larger sites where some pigeons can be tolerated but where a population reduction is desired: schools, campuses, hospitals, dense urban areas are all prime candidates. With contraception, the populations of birds declines naturally through attrition and field studies show a reduction of approximately 50% annually. Recently collected data at a monitored site in San Diego reflected an 88% decline over 28 months.


A modular system that emits a fine fog into the air and trains birds to leave the area in search of a new home. Great for open air spaces.

AviHaze – Fog Force Fogging Agent: Fog Force deterent irritates birds, causing them to leave the treated area, yet do not affect humans or other animals.

Audio, Visual and Taste

A selection of audio deterrents to repel specific bird species are available.

Several different types of Bird Deterrents using visual tactics to deter birds from the space.