Product Highlight: Fumigation Application Equipment

Introducing a brand new application for applying phosphine fumigants to almond bins, using the Fosfoquim HDS-30 and VAPORPH3OS®. This is an automated system, which allows the dilution of pure phosphine (from VAPORPH3OS® cylinders) directly with air below the lower flammability limit (LFL), allowing the injection of a mixture of air and phosphine into the almond bins without risk of ignition. This system relies on several safety mechanisms, which have been proven safe even in serious incidents such as the loss of electrical power.

HDS 30, 80, 200, and 800 (Horn Diluphos System)

Advantages over ECO2FUME®:

  • Reliable supply during the heavy fumigation season with VAPORPH3OS®
  • Easy, one-step application…press a valve button, and the appropriate dose is applied and shut off automatically. No applicator error.
  • One VAPORPH3OS® cylinder is equivalent to 36 cylinders of ECO2FUME® and the applied cost is considerably less
  • Fewer cylinders to handle, much safer for the employees