Product Highlight: Gas Monitoring Equipment

FUMISCOPE Version 5.1

The Fumiscope Version 5.1 is designed exclusively for fumigation work. In operation, it electrically pumps samples of air from the space being fumigated, into a sensing element. The concentration of fumigant gas in the air is shown on the digital display in ounces per 1000 cubic feet/GM3. Anyone who can read a digital watch can quickly make measurements with the FUMISCOPE.

Two controls do all the adjusting. Air samples are collected through small tubes placed at critical spots prior to introducing the gas. You can place the tubes on one or more floors of a multistory structure over piles of grain on the inside of packages, etc. Tubes are extended to a convenient spot outside the fumigated area, gas is introduced, and readings taken periodically with the FUMISCOPE. You get continuous records of gas concentration at each tube inlet.

Fumiscope 5.1 Operating Instructions

RDA (Remote Data Acquisition) Fumiscope

The RDA (Remote Data Acquisition) Fumiscope provides essentially the same function as the standard Fumiscope that Key Chemical has been building for years. That is, an instrument that measures the gas density of various fumigants in Ounces/1000 Cubic Feet/GM3. The difference is that the RDA model can be left at the structure that is being fumigated and remotely accessed via the standard telephone system or cell phone from a remote computer (called the host computer). In addition the RDA model can sample and test four independent test points as opposed to the standard model’s single test point. Furthermore, up to 99 RDA models can be connected together at one location and operate together to provide as many as 396 test points.

The main advantage of the RDA model is the ability to test from a remote location and to negate the necessity of an employee having to be present at the job site. If the structure has telephone and electric services then the instrument can use them. If the structure does not have electricity and phone service, the instrument can use a standard 400/600 volt/amp UPS and a modem-capable cell phone. The unit can also be direct connected using an RS232 cable. In addition, the program on the host computer stores the results of testing for review and reporting. For an additional fee, the program can be extended to automatically run tests on a specified schedule without human intervention.

RDAE - Manual

Interscan GF 1900

Founded in 1975, Interscan has established an international reputation in the field of toxic gas detection. Long known as the go-to company for the tough applications, we were contracted in the mid-1980′s to develop a practical sulfuryl fluoride monitoring instrument to be used for clearance, after structural fumigation.

In just a short time, the new instrument became the pest control industry standard, referred to as “The Interscan.”

The acceptance and popularity of this product line could only have occurred based on a collaborative effort. We gratefully acknowledge the suggestions and support from the pesticide manufacturer, the distributors, and most of all, the pest control operators.

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TIF Detector (For leak detection of Sulfuryl Fluoride)

Full featured but easy to use, the original TIF detector. The TIF5750A offers the detachable, flexible probe with micro-pump, leak intensity indicators, and all the features you have come to know and trust. Includes the patented SCAN mode that revolutionized leak detection.

  • LED Leak
  • Size Indicators
  • Two Sensitivity positions, including our unique ScanMode
  • Reset Button for instant re-calibration
  • Detachable probe
  • High efficiency pump
  • Detects ALL Halogenated Refrigerants
  • Constant Power Indication
  • Carrying case and spare sensing tip included
  • U.S. Patent #’s Re: 32,552; 4,282,521; 5,400,015
  • Warranty: One year warranty
  • Battery Life: 30 Hours (Alkaline)
  • Size: 7.75X3.20X12.00 inch
  • Weight: ”2.75 lb”
  • Safety: Certified to SAE J1627,UL Classified for Intrinsic Safety

Dräger Pac 7000

Small and robust, ergonomic and intuitive, economic and powerful – the Dräger Pac 7000 is tailor-made for personal monitoring at the workplace. This innovative single gas detector is equipped with a wide range of functions and is suitable for many different applications in day-to-day industrial settings. The detector is an impressive instrument, offering a high level of reliability and rapid warning against harmful concentrations of many different gases.

C16 PortaSens II

The Series C16 PortaSens II portable gas leak detector is a versatile tool for performing regular leak checks in gas storage areas, around process equipment and piping, or in confined spaces prior to entry. Designed for easy one-hand operation, the detector contains an internal sample pump and a flexible sampling wand to allow pinpoint location of the source of leakage. A large character display insures that measured values are easily visible, and a back-light for the display insures readability in low or no light conditions.

A unique feature of the C16 detector is its ability to measure a variety of different gases by simply inserting the appropriate sensor for that gas. This means that one detector can be used to measure over 30 different gases or vapors, reducing the need to purchase individual detectors for each type of gas. And sensors can be changed quickly and easily, without the need for calibration when a sensor change is made.

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Dräger Accuro Pump and Colorimetric Tubes

Draeger-Tubes® are glass vials filled with a chemical reagent that reacts to a specific chemical or family of chemicals. A calibrated 100 ml sample of air is drawn through the tube with the Draeger accuro® bellows pump. If the targeted chemical(s) is present the reagent in the tube changes color and the length of the color change typically indicates the measured concentration. The Draeger-Tube® System is the world’s most popular form of gas detection.

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