Residential Fumigation: What’s New

At Cardinal Professional Products, we strive to be industry leaders keeping abreast of the latest rules and regulations. We help educate and advocate for the important work we all do in keeping homes and structures free of pests. Here you can find the latest news related to residential and structural fumigations.

Did You Know?


The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) is in the process of reevaluation for residential Sulfuryl Fluoride Vikane (SF) uses. For the past several months, as part of this process, they have conducted a monitoring project for residential fumigations done with SF. Trials conducted by the Worker Health and Safety Branch are nearing completion. The Environmental Monitoring Branch has also completed their data collection for the development of a computer modeling program for SF. Dow AgroSciences has completed a nuero-tox study in rats to fill a data gap per the guidelines of EPA and (CDPR). The preliminary results have been shared with both EPA and CDPR and a final report will be submitted when the study is complete. Results of this study indicate there is no unique life stage sensitivity for SF associated toxicity, which means that the previously applied 10X safety factor for residents and bystanders should be removed. The outcome of these studies will affect every California residential fumigation company and in the long term may have a far reaching effect on all residential fumigators nationwide.