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Solvay's ECO2FUME®

Download a copy of a great new document about how to utilize Solvay's ECO2FUME® to effectively control stored product insects, even those with resistance issues!

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VAP-X™ Cylinderized DDVP

VAP-X™ was developed to efficiently utilize dichlorvos (DDVP) insecticide in ultra-low volume applications. DDVP has been used for years as an effective fogging insecticide to control various stored product insect pests within food handling and commodity storage facilities. VAP-X™ uses carbon dioxide as a propellant that helps to immediately distribute the insecticide throughout facilities within minutes to reach deep harborage points for insect control. Advantages to using VAP-X™:

  • No electric foggers required for application
  • Application completed within minutes instead of hours
  • Lower doses required for effective control
  • Control of insects within four hours
  • Can potentially re-enter facilities in hours, as long as gas detection devices are used for confirmation
  • Reduced labor and chemical costs

For further information, contact the representative in your area. VAP-X™ is registered in most states.

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VAP-X Cylinderized DDVP