Fumigation Enclosure Leak Testing

Welcome to this presentation from Cardinal Professional Products where we will be discussing “How to Leak Test a Fumigation Enclosure”.​

The purpose for leak testing is to improve the gas retention within any permanent or semi-permanent fumigation enclosure using any of the available fumigants such as methyl bromide, ProFume, ECOFUME, or metal phosphides.  Most fumigation chambers or enclosures have some source of leakage that will allow for passage of the fumigant causing a decrease in concentrations within the enclosure that may lead to a fumigation failure, or a potential exposure to employees or bystanders around the enclosure.  The graph on the right indicates gas concentrations of a typical “leaky” enclosure as shown by the blue line.  The goal is to maintain a high concentration of fumigant over the targeted exposure period as indicated by the orange line.​