Vap-X™ & Pyre-X™ Field Training

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Get into the field knowing exactly how to apply Vap-X™ & Pyre-X™ cylinderized fogging agents.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to receive a cylinder order
  • PPE to use for each product
  • Proper placement of cylinders for maximum application efficiency
  • Attaching the proper nozzle manifold
  • Applying treatment
  • Preparing the cylinder order for return

WARNING: Certification must be received from the CARD-O-VAP 8™ AND VAP-X™ STEWARDSHIP TRAINING before purchasing or applying with Vap-X™, Card-O-Vap 8™, Pyre-X™, or Food Plant 5-1™.

This training will be included in the future CARDINAL ULV FOGGING INSECTICIDES STEWARDSHIP TRAINING course for 2019 certification.

To purchase Vap-X™ and/or Pyre-X™ please contact Cardinal Professional Products.
To purchase any of the PPE listed in this training or for any other safety needs check out