Residential Products & Equipment

Cardinal Professional Products offers all the equipment necessary to properly operate a residential fumigation company. We can outfit you with all of the equipment needed to start up a fumigation company and for you to produce safer, more effective fumigations.

Our key products include Vikane and Chloropicrin Warning Agent and supplies such as:

  • fumigation tarpaulins and sandbags
  • masking tape
  • cloth tarp tape
  • spray adhesives
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Pony brand Clips
  • secondary locks
  • keyed alike pad locks
  • plastic sheeting
  • pic pans
  • pic cups
  • Vikane cylinder and introduction fittings
  • Drager test tubes
Digital Scale
Digital Scale
CT Slide
Double Shooting Tips
Tarp Tape

We offer specialized fumigation equipment such as: digital scales, the new CLIRcheck clearance device for SF and the Interscan clearance monitor, plus the Fumiscope and RDA Fumiscope to assist with monitoring fumigations.

Transportation related products for the safe transport of Haz Mat materials such as cylinder brackets for compressed air tanks and chloropicrin cylinders and security bonnets, placards and placard holders.

Hear this.

In California, we have developed and sell the best CAP aeration equipment.

Cardinal also developed and obtained DOT special permits for 10 pound steel cylinders for chloropicrin warning agent.

Most of the products are in stock all the time so when you need it we have it.