Commodity & Food Safety Fumigation

Commodity & Food Safety Fumigation

Throughout the U.S., we expertly serve food processing companies such as flour mills, rice mills, grain storage, pasta plants, pet food manufacturers, nut processors, dried fruit processors, candy manufacturers, and fresh fruit processors such as cherries, strawberries, and citrus. We also support Pest Management companies that provide pest control services.

We sell and support post-harvest fumigants, insecticides, rodenticides, bird control products, safety equipment, pheromones, and application equipment.

We offer end-to-end Pest Management services or just the tools and equipment you need to do the job right.

  • Training, education, product stewardship
  • Field Consulting
  • Audits & Monitoring
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Expert knowledge of products
  • Assist in proper applications of products

All representatives are licensed applicators and we have Associate Certified Entomologists.


Wonderful | Lost Hills, CA

Customer Spotlight: Fosfoquim and Cytec Industries

What was the problem: Insects inside both new and old silos. Customer wanted to test Aluminum Phosphide against the Horn Diluphos System™.

What was the result: Aluminum produced no results. The VaporPH3os™/HDS technology allowed for rapid establishment of lethal concentration, the ability to control and maintain the phosphine levels regardless of temperature, and produced consistent results independent of the silo’s structural integrity. As a result, Wonderful has discontinued use of Aluminum and switched all their silo fumigations to Vaporphos.

Cardinal Logo Cardinal brought in the manufacturer of the gas and the equipment used to dispense it. Cardinal demonstrated value in the flexibility to safely and easily add gas when needed to control the concentration ensuring insect control is achieved. And Cardinal proved that a procedure for reliable concentration readings is necessary for all fumigations.

Corn Storage Bunker | Nebraska

Customer Spotlight: Midwest Commercial Pest Management Company

What was the problem: The Midwest grain company needed a quick fumigation treatment due to shipping schedules and didn’t have time for a typical phosphine exposure. Plus, winds in the Midwest can frequently cause issues during long exposure treatments by damaging expensive tarpaulin covers.

What was the result: A successful fumigation using ProFume® Gas Fumigant for a 24 hour exposure. Thirty-two monitoring lines were inserted in this 1,000,000 bushel corn bunker and recirculation tubing was used at all aeration fans. Concentrations were monitored over the entire 24 hour exposure period.

Cardinal assisted during the entire fumigation process and consulted during the process to redistribute gas from the middle of the bunker where CT’s had already been met and distribute to the ends of the stack where lower concentrations existed. This reutilization of the ProFume® saved a considerable amount of fumigant cost not having to use additional cylinders.

Almond Stockpile Fumigations | Manteca, CA

Customer Spotlight: California Stockpile Almonds

What was the problem: Navel Orangeworm in almond stockpiles. Customer wanted to test ProFume® gas fumigant retention in tarped stockpiles of almonds for 3 or more days.

What was the result: Excellent confinement of ProFume® gas fumigant in tarped stacks of commodities on hard-packed soil. ProFume was proven out to be a worthy alternative to phosphine and gives you more flexibility with exposure times and eliminates the risk of fire.

Cardinal provided hands-on assistance during the entire fumigation and monitoring process. Stockpiles were covered with white 6 mil polyethylene and edges sealed with dirt. Monitoring hoses were alternately spaced along one side of the stockpile so that gas concentrations at the bottom or the middle of the stockpile could be measured.