We are committed to our customers.
We are committed to our customers.

Our people live our core values and we pride ourselves on taking service to the next level. Our team has years of field experience and can assist you by sharing this expertise. We translate what we know into real world solutions for you and your company.

Serving The Industry: 1962 – Today

TriCal, Inc.

TriCal, Inc. was formed by Dick Storkan, Bob McCaslin and Jerry Hanes, as a pre-plant soil fumigation business that applies combinations of methyl-bromide-chloropicrin in California.

Soil Chemicals Corporation (SCC)

Soil Chemicals Corporation (SCC) was formed to administer a patent for soil fumigation equipment, and distribute soil fumigants under Soil Chemicals Corporation labels to agricultural chemical dealers, as well as methyl bromide fumigants to structural and industrial customers.



Soil Chemicals Corporation structural methyl bromide fumigant business for drywood termite and powder post beetle control was expanded to include a distributorship of Dow’s “Vikane” sulfuryl fluoride fumigant for drywood termite control.


Soil Chemicals Corporation expands Northern California methyl-bromide sales to the food industry dried fruit and nut businesses, tree site fumigation, and develops Gastoxin aluminum phosphide sales.


CAL AG Industrial Supply

CAL AG Industrial Supply, is formed as a subsidiary of SCC.

Cardinal Chemical Co.

CAL AG purchases Cardinal Chemical Co., a San Francisco based company, and formulator of Pyrenone fogging products to complement the product line.



Soil Chemicals Corporation merges with CAL AG Industrial Supply creating Soil Chemicals Corporation dba Cardinal Professional Products.

Fume Tech, Inc.

Cardinal purchases Fume Tech, Inc., a custom applicator of fumigants for the commodity business in California.


Methyl Bromide Alternatives

Methyl bromide phase-out continues and Cardinal leads the development of the methyl bromide alternatives – Phostoxin, ECO2FUME and VAPORPH3OS. The most important achievement is the expansion of label registrations for Dow’s ProFume sulfuryl fluoride as a food plant and commodity fumigant. Cardinal acquires new warehouse in Woodland, CA.

Expanded Sales Regions

A warehouse is established in Decatur, IL. Sales staff and personnel are hired to support expanded sales effort in the Midwestern, Southern, and Eastern U.S and Canada.


Big Move

The main Anaheim, CA office moves into a 14,000 sq. ft. building.

Cardinal Safety Supply

Cardinal launches new safety division offering a store, product recommendations, safety seminars, audits, training and education.


Consulting and Training

Cardinal adds Consulting and Training – bringing pest control and safety training to you in the classroom, in the field, and online.

Ongoing commitment to our core values:
  • Superior Service & Support
  • Product Stewardship
  • Market & Association Support
  • Regulatory Interface & Expertise
  • Investment in our People

Omega Walnuts

“In today’s world it is a rare and treasured thing to have a vendor that will respond at any time of day, or even on a weekend to lend support. I appreciate and place a high value on Steve Garofolo and Cardinal always going the extra mile to help with any issue we are confronted with. His honesty, and attention to detail, while constantly striving to meet our needs is indeed a rare combination in today’s world of business. We appreciate his efforts, and place a high value on a vendor who lends support like this. I wanted to convey our appreciation and gratitude.”

Plant Manager | Omega Walnuts


“John Sansone and his team at Cardinal are more than just a vendor; they are a business partner. John likes to say that he is in “the molecule preservation business”. I would say that he is also in the “livelihood preservation business”. John works at the intersection of business and government where the regulatory rubber meets the road to help government and industry develop common sense and viable solutions to tough regulatory challenges. Whether helping to write the Aeration Plan in California or working on new labels in DC or visiting fumigations at 3:00am to learn how we do things in the real world, they are always working hard behind the scenes to make sure we are able to comply with ever changing regulations to get the job done right and stay in business.”

Owner | Harbor

John B SanFillipo

“I want to compliment you on the level of service you are providing through Cavan Bruederle and the rest of your Carindal staff. His timeliness in responding to phone calls and emails is second to none and his willingness and desire to help is amazing! We called Cavan at 7:30pm the other night because we did not have enough plastic to fumigate in the morning. Cavan called back within 10 minutes to let us know he would be bringing the plastic himself at 8am the next morning. I wanted to make sure and tell you how great Cavan and your organization is.”

Operations Manager | John B. SanFillipo

Sunwest Foods

“I wanted to share with you my experience with Chuck Perry as Sales Representative for Cardinal Safety. I have been in the Environmental, Safety & Health field for 18 years and make the primary decision for the purchasing of safety products. As a buyer there are three qualities I look for when purchasing.

1. Customer Service- Responsiveness, ease of ordering, billing procedures, and reliability.
2. Price Value- Fair pricing and trust since I don’t have to time to shop around.
3. Industry Compliance Knowledge- Sales rep knowledge and insurance I am purchasing the correct product.
I feel Chuck addressed ALL of these qualities. I have vendors contact me weekly asking what they can do to earn my business but I want to work with Chuck and Cardinal!”

Safety Manager | Sunwest Foods

your way fumigation

“Cardinal has always been a great support for our Company. After conducting business with Cardinal for many years, there is no question that they will always provide exceptional products, professional training classes, and help with any issues that may come up in our always challenging fumigation industry. It gives me peace of mind to know that Cardinal will always accommodate the needs of our company, not only delivering equipment or products directly to our job site, but also being very attentive to anything that we may need. They will do anything possible to protect and maintain the Fumigation Industry. Cardinal Professional Products is a key part of the success of our company.”

Your Way Fumigation


“The support your Midwest regional office in Decatur, IL is second to none. Providing service to our food and commodity customers always requires attention to detail and fast response time. Your team is always available after hours and on weekends to answer any questions or to assist with last minute orders. Without you and your team, the process would be delayed and could run into other difficulties. Thank you and your team for all that you do to support.”

Fumigation Manager | Rentokil