Choose ProFume® gas fumigant for:

  • Broad-spectrum control – effective on all life stages of insects and rodents.
  • Non-corrosive activity – ProFume will not damage equipment, electronics and/or buildings when used properly.
  • Flexibility – ProFume gas fumigant, through Precision Fumigation™ techniques, can be adapted to minimize gas requirements while accommodating business schedules.
  • Non-flammable – ProFume is not flammable or explosive.
    Low reactivity – as an odorless, colorless gas it rapidly vaporizes and does not react with materials to form unpleasant odors.
  • Quick distribution, penetration and aeration – the gas promptly distributes throughout the structure, penetrating to where pests harbor and aerates rapidly once ventilation begins.
  • Ozone protection – ProFume is not an ozone depleter and does not interact or cause local ozone formation.
  • Unique mode of action for fumigants – can be utilized for resistance management strategies.

ProFume SDS