SmartFume is a controlled release cartridge containing chloropicrin, a highly effective fumigant, unsurpassed in arresting and preventing internal pest and fungal decay in large wood utility poles, pilings and timbers.

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Oregon State University, Department of Wood Science & Engineering report on the value of prolonging the useful life of wood poles.

“Utilities are often faced with questions about how long a pole lasts once it is placed in the ground. Why does it matter? There are a number of important reasons for paying attention to service life.”

  • Assumptions About Service Life
  • Service Life Factors
  • Environmental Factors
  • Remediation and Service Life
  • Estimating Service Life
  • Pole Removal Data
  • Improving Quality

– Estimated Service Life of Wood Utility Poles |

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Encapsulated Controlled Release Delivery

Historically, liquid chloropicrin has been the unsurpassed fumigant for arresting and preventing internal decay in wood structures. 3.4. SmartFume ® is designed to control the release of chloropicrin, minimizing risk of handler exposure during application, while dispersing chloropicrin into the wood at a precise rate needed to arrest and prevent decay for up to 10 years.

SmartFume maintains fumigant levels in the wood that are 50 – 100X higher than methylisothiocyanate (mitc) products.

SmartFume clearly outperforms all other internal wood fumigant products, protecting wood poles from failure. To protect the wood from decay, the fumigant level must stay above threshold of 20ug/g (red line on graph). Mthylisothiocyanate (mitc) products fail to maintain the minimum threshold shortly after the 5-year mark.

SmartFume will provide fumigant protection for 10 years with no lapse in coverage due to the wood lignin bonding that chloropicrin provides.


SmartFume ® vaporizes readily to migrate and fumigate the wood allowing easy access to the inspection and treatment bore, unlike granular products which have been known to solidify, obstructing the hole from further treatment/inspection and making treatment ineffective.


Chloropicrin’s unequaled ability to travel through the wood at significant distances from the point of application makes SmartFume® exceptional in arresting and preventing decay.


Chloropicrin has unique properties which cause it to remain in wood longer than any other fumigant.


SmartPlug’s® innovative design allows SmartFume® to be installed at an upwards vertical angle allowing access to higher reaches in wood structures. SmartFume® provides a solution for arresting and preventing decay in upper pole areas.

  • Can be readily removed for replacement.

  • Tamper Resistant!

  • Can be audited to substantiate proper fumigant remedial service is complete.

  • Complete treatment system. No need for additional parts, plugs or chemicals.

What makes SmartFume® smart?

Smartfume® includes a 2-D scannable code on every product to enable quick accurate electronic data collection using our SmartFume® Tracking App for Android and Apple phones.

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SmartFume® is a restricted use pesticide only for use on wood structures by certified applicators.
Read the product label and Safety Data Sheet carefully and follow all instructions.